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Welcome to the New Era of Wearable Monitoring Systems


  • The most comprehensive vital signs monitoring systems on the market
  • Wearable, small and lightweight
  • Plug&Play functionality of sensor modules
  • Scalable software solutions all around the hospital
  • PCs, Notebooks, Tablets and Smartphones software interfaces
  • No display on board to save battery life, provide privacy and patient peace of mind
  • Up to 30 hours battery life
  • Accurate reporting and analysis
  • Customizable alerts
  • Easy integration to existing EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and ADT (Admit Discharge Transfer) hospital systems
  • Continuous real-time monitoring of up to 32 patients per ward



WinPack is the most comprehensive modular medical device for continuous vital signs monitoring. It is comfortable to wear for patients and easy to use for nurses.

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Early Evaluation Center – EEC is an intuitive and easy-to-use software for monitoring and evaluating a patient’s clinical risk, and can acquire and process source data from WinPack. EEC can integrate additional software modules such as the EWS and the WINMR.

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Win@Hospital is WinMedical’s solution designed for low-acuity hospital settings where Patients can be continuously monitored in real-time. Vital signs data can be accessed anywhere, at any time and on any device by the medical staff.

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Win@Home is WinMedical’s solution designed for remote Patient monitoring. Patients can comfortably spend their time at home while being continuously monitored by the WinPack allowing Clinicians, Caregivers and Nurses to access their data anywhere and at any time.

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Our idea is simple: we are creating a new medical care paradigm by combining the right experience and expertise in the medical device and wearable technology sectors.
Ferdinando De Negri,
WinMedical co-founder
We believe wireless, modular and wearable medical technology is the key enabler to creating a new paradigm in medical care and tackling future healthcare challenges
Donato Mazzeo,
WinMedical CEO
We invested in Winmedical since we believe in their cutting edge technology and in their talented team
Antonio Leone,
Investor, Healthcare Wizard & Director - IAG
Ubiquitous adoption of wearable medical technologies is revolutionising healthcare
Pietro Valdastri,
Winmedical co-founder
Winmedical helped our organisation in improving the quality of care for our patients in need of continuous monitoring in low-acuity settings, reducing costs by redefining the average length of stay for certain patients in ICUs and limiting the number of readmissions by deploying the WinPack directly at patients’ home.
Dr. Rocco Damone,
Ex CEO @ ASL 5 Pisa - Italy
Our way of working in my department has rapidly changed after introducing Win@Hospital. The platform is an excellent support to optimise and make the daily activities of nurses and clinicians more efficient. Our clinical decision-making process has become more effective due to the accuracy of the collected data, the real-time and continuous monitoring of Patients. The almost immediate results have been an increased level of care and a significant improvement in the quality of life of our patients. (quote): “I’d recommend Win@Hospital to my colleagues as it offers a new approach in patient monitoring in general wards”.
Dr. Roberto Andreini,
Head of General Medicine @ Pontedera Hospital - Pisa - Italy
Win@Hospital has helped us to reduce our exposure to radiation and significantly improve our safety and working conditions.
Erminia Casolino,
Head Nurse - Nuclear Medicine @ CROB Rionero Hospital - Potenza - Italy
Having a continuous and real-time monitoring solution in our department allows us to make better and faster decision.
Dr. Maurizio Destro,
Head of Internal Medicine @ Treviglio Hospital - Bergamo - Italy
We quickly and easily integrated Win@Hospital on our software platform. Its scalability and modular configuration was key in extended its use in different department in just few hours.
Luca Sandrini,
Head of Clinical Engineering Team @ Negrar Hospital - Verona - Italy
Win@Hospital has dramatically improved our clinical processes: we now have a continuous vital signs monitoring system we can use while examining endoscopic images.
Dr. Marco Benini ,
Head of Department Endoscopy @ Negrar Hospital - Verona - Italy
By remotely monitoring patients hosted in protected rooms and treated with ionizing radiation reduces the exposure to radiation risk and improve the quality of care for the patient.
Dr. Giovanni Storto,
Head of Nuclear Medicine @ CROB Rionero Hospital - Potenza - Italy
Pressure ulcers, falls and clinical deteriorations have huge implications in terms of costs and quality of care for hospitals. Win@Hospital allows preventing and reducing those events through continuous monitoring in real-time of patients’ vital signs.
Prof. Giuseppe Turchetti,
Professor @ Institute of Health Economics - SSSA - Pisa - Italy
It is essential for nurses to reduce the time spent in spot-checks monitoring and allocate their time for more value-added tasks. We started using Win@Hospital to transform our internal processes and make them more efficient and streamlined. Win@Hospital is integrated with our EMR system and it prevents human errors by reducing the need of manual writing while improving the overall quality of care for our patients.
Luciano Martino,
Head of Nurse - Geriatric @ Venosa Hospital - Potenza - Italy
Our territory includes many remote and difficult to reach areas. For this reason, we adopted Win@Home to remotely monitor chronic patients. GP’s and hospital specialists are now working together in order to extend the same level of care available in hospital directly at home of these patients.
Dr. Davide Ricci,
Head of Long Terms Care @ Abbadia San Salvatore Hospital - Siena - Italy
We are able to early discharge patients and continue monitoring them directly from their home.
Dr. Cristiano d'Isidoro,
Doctor in General Surgery @ AOU Hospital - Pisa - Italy
It was a huge relief to spend the night in hospital without my family around as we all knew I was in safe hands by being continuously monitored by the medical staff.
Patient @ Pontedera Hospital - Pisa - Italy
WinPack is so comfortable to wear and easy to use that even I may be capable to use it. My GP has monitored me for over a month after my discharge from the hospital and now my family feels more secure when I am wearing it.
A. C.,
Patient @ Abbadia San Salvatore Hospital - Siena - Italy