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WinMedical brings to the market a modular, scalable and easy to use platform to continuously monitor vital signs of the Patient in hospital and at home: WinPack.

WinPack is the leading wearable modular device for real-time, continuous and simultaneous vital signs monitoring in non-critical care units and at home, offering: Continuous Non Invasive Blood Pressure – cNIPB, NIBP, 5-Lead ECG, 2-Lead-ECG and Heart Rate, Pulse Rate, SpO2, Body Temperature, Body Position, Respiration Rate and Arrhythmia Detection. It is comfortable to wear, easy to use and lightweight. WinPack’s sensor modules enable monitoring of vital signs via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi while customizable alert settings allow early detection of Patient deterioration.

WinPack keeps Patients continuously monitored by the medical staff – anytime and anywhere, whether in hospital or at home while offering an effective cost-reduction solution to healthcare providers.

WinPack is the first customizable hardware and software solution for any hospital department, and delivers an increase in efficiency and effectiveness of clinical workflows. WinPack has been proven to generate costs savings and increase clinical efficiency for hospitals through several case studies, as well as through its use in hospital departments including: General Medicine, Haematology, Infectious Diseases, Pneumology, Nuclear Medicine, Oncology, Post Surgical, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, Long-term care and Nursing Home.
WinPack allows:
  • Better Patient care.
  • Valuable cost reductions for healthcare providers.
  • Significant reduction of clinical risks.
  • Considerable reduction of the medical professional liability and litigation risks.
  • Seamless continuum of care from hospital to home through better care coordination and clinical collaboration.
By connecting doctors, Nurses and Patients, WinPack improves the quality and turnaround time of the care of adults, infants and paediatric Patients in hospital and at home whether in bed or out of bed. Doctors and Nurses may access Patient’s data at anytime using our user friendly software solution on their PCs, Notebooks, Tablets and Smartphones.
We invested in Winmedical since we believe in their cutting edge technology and in their talented team
Antonio Leone, Investor, Healthcare Wizard & Director - IAG
Our idea is simple: we are creating a new medical care paradigm by combining the right experience and expertise in the medical device and wearable technology sectors
Ferdinando De Negri, WinMedical co-founder
We believe wireless, modular and wearable medical technology is the key enabler to creating a new paradigm in medical care and tackling future healthcare challenges
Donato Mazzeo, WinMedical CEO
Winmedical helped our organisation in improving the quality of care for our patients in need of continuous monitoring in low-acuity settings, reducing costs by redefining the average length of stay for certain patients in ICUs and limiting the number of readmissions by deploying the WinPack directly at patients’ home.
Dr. Rocco Damone, Ex CEO @ ASL 5 Pisa - Italy
Pressure ulcers, falls and clinical deteriorations have huge implications in terms of costs and quality of care for hospitals. Win@Hospital allows preventing and reducing those events through continuous monitoring in real-time of patients’ vital signs.
Prof. Giuseppe Turchetti, Professor @ Institute of Health Economics - SSSA - Pisa - Italy