Improve Patient comfort and recovery Riducing clinical and litigation risks Significant cost reduction for healthcare providers and improved medical staff management efficiency Easy to deploy and integrate


WinMedical’s innovative solutions increase the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical workflows in non-critical care hospital settings and at home. WinPack reduces the average time of hospitalization and improves the quality of life of Patients while cutting hospital costs. WinPack is the perfect tool to support the medical staff’s day-to-day activities.

70% of hospitalised patients are hosted in low-acuity settings representing millions of hospital-beds. Up to 20% of those patients are at risk of adverse events such as increased morbidity and mortality due mainly to undetected clinical deterioration.
WinPack allows Nurses and Clinicians to continuously monitor the most important vital signs in real time when hosted in low-acuity settings. Continuous and real-time monitoring allows Clinicians to make faster, better and more accurate clinical decisions – especially when signs of early deterioration appear. There is one simple yet noteworthy reason behind the success of the WinPack device: it’s been thought and designed, from the start, to benefit all key players in a medical care environment.


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    Disclaimer: This tool calculates potential savings using the WinMedical Monitoring System based on various assumptions. These assumptions include national averages, cost rates, incident rates, etc. that may not reflect your hospital’s reality. The efficacy of the WinMedical System to realize savings as estimated here has not yet been shown in clinical studies. As a result, actual savings may vary.