WinPack is the ultimate solution for hospitals aiming at achieving prime quality of care and concurrent cost reductions.

The use of WinPack makes continuous vital signs monitoring possible in non high-acuity units despite the notoriously high workload of medical staff.

WinPack makes reducing Patient ICU length of stay easily achievable, without compromising cost efficiency and Patient safety. WinPack allows hospitals to provide a higher quality of care and valuable cost reductions by:

  • Enabling cost-effective and efficient monitoring of Patients whilst at home, therefore enhancing Patient experience and recovery.
  • Allowing early detection of Patient deterioration to avoid expensive and preventable adverse events.
  • Reducing litigation risk by enabling accurate recording and documenting of Patient data.
  • Enabling early transfer from ICU’s to lower acuity wards which are less expensive and provide continuous monitoring of vital signs.
  • Reducing Nurses’ workload and enabling more efficient use of clinician time whilst tackling the risk of human error through process automation.
  • Reducing the transfer rate from general wards to expensive ICU settings.
  • Reducing the risk of pressure ulcers by continuously monitoring Patient movement.
  • Reducing the risk of falling through real-time control of Patient position.
  • Monitoring the real-time effects of patients’ clinical response to medication.
  • Reducing hospitalization days and limiting hospital readmissions by providing seamless continuum of care from hospitals to community centres, clinics and home.
  • Increasing appropriateness of care and sustainability of the health system.