WinPack is comfortable to wear, easy to use, lightweight and allows a better and safer hospital experience for Patients in low-acuity areas who are able to move freely while wearing it. The reduction of manual checks improves their comfort and rest. The module is non invasive and barely noticeable for the Patient whilst worn. The use of cuff-less blood pressure monitoring also serves to increase Patient comfort as routine blood pressure spot-checks are not needed. The monitoring of Patient body position is key to Patient safety, reducing the risk of pressure ulcers and Patient falls.

The ability for Clinicians to set individual Patient alarms increases Patient safety and comfort by allowing care to be tailored for each Patient, without increasing effort or cost for the hospital, but preventing adverse events such as:

  • Early detection of Patient deterioration through real-time monitoring and alarms resulting in a more proactive level of care and reduction in ICUs transfers.
  • The risk of falling through the use of the body position sensor module and customizable alerts when the Patient is detected in a standing or walking position.
  • The risk of pressure ulcers due to the availability of historical data showing the position and movement in bed of the Patient.
  • The risk of human error as data is automatically stored in electronic medical records and can be printed at anytime.
  • The risk of infection caused by superbugs by reducing the amount of face to face interaction between nurses and patients.

The use of WinPack directly contributes to the reduction of a Patient’s time in hospital. Its ability for continued use once a Patient has been discharged means that Patient care is extended beyond the hospital environment and increases the success of full Patient recovery.

WinPack replaces the manual vital signs spot-checks that leave Patients unmonitored at intervals and provides a tailored Patient experience and recovery.