Win@Home is WinMedical’s solution designed for remote Patient monitoring. Patients can comfortably spend their time at home while being continuously monitored by Clinicians and Nurses. Win@Home helps reduce avoidable readmissions and improve care coordination between hospitals and community centres.
Remote patient monitoring is driving new approaches in proactive healthcare practices resulting in improved patient experience and quality of care. Our customers can benefit from using the same device (WinPack) in hospital and at home. Patient monitoring can be extended directly at home especially when patients are recently discharged and still need to be monitored since they may belong to categories subject to readmission. Patients affected by chronic diseases can stay at home while being remotely monitored by expert medical staff. Healthcare providers using Win@Home offer a more cost-effective solution in treating the chronically ill patients and make possible the integration between hospitals and community services in the provision of care for patients affected by chronic diseases.
Our Early Warning Score software module can be included with Win@Home. This enables GP’s to effectively identify patient early signs of clinical deterioration and allows them to use a standardised medical protocol.
Win@Home includes all the features available for Win@Hospital.

The user friendly interface allows Nurses, Clinicians and Caregivers to:
  • Have complete control of all Patients regardless of their location.
  • Continuous monitor of each Patient.
  • Access to historical data.
  • Set customizable and individualised alerts for each Patient.
  • Have two levels of alerts: one yellow and one red.
  • Be alerted by audio and visual alerts.
  • Automatically track, display and log all clinically significant events occurred to Patients.
  • Print reports.
Win@Home’s infrastructure is installed directly where the patient resides and it leverages the same features of the WinPack connecting to a proprietary and easy to install gateway called “WinGate” for secure data transmission. Data integrity and reliability is assured by a best-in-class buffer system available in WinGate, while security is guaranteed by the most advanced industry standards.
Technical support is provided on site and remotely making any type of technical assistance, maintenance and system upgrade simple and efficient.