Win@Hospital is WinMedical’s solution designed for low-acuity hospital settings where Patients can be continuously monitored in real-time. It’s the customizable solution that allows the setting of individualised patient alerts.
Vital signs data and alerts can be accessed anywhere, at any time and on any device by the medical staff. Win@Hospital is scalable and can be deployed in just one ward or in the entire premises depending on the hospital’s needs. Customers can decide if it is more convenient to use dedicated Bluetooth or WiFi access points when planning to install Win@Hospital or to leverage existing network infrastructure. Win@Hospital is easy to integrate with Electronic Medical Record solutions by using our Medical Record Integration software module – WINMR. This software module can be integrated through its HL7-compliant version or, if required, through a proprietary protocol version.
Win@Hospital allows early detection of patient clinical deterioration through our Early Warning Score software module. This enables to calculate an acuity score for the patient used to determine the frequency of surveillance and the type of clinical assistance needed.

The user friendly interface allows Nurses and Clinicians to:
  • Have complete control of the ward by monitoring in real-time up to 32 patients at the same time.
  • Continuous monitor of each Patient.
  • Access to historical data.
  • Set customizable and individualised alerts for each Patient: two levels of alerts, one yellow and one red.
  • Display real-time audible alerts.
  • Automatically track, display and log all clinically significant events occurred to Patients.
  • Print reports.
Vital signs data and alerts can be consulted anywhere, at any time by the medical staff on their PCs, Notebooks, Tablets and Smartphones.
Data security and integrity are guaranteed by WPA2/PSK and SSL (optional) and hardware encryptions (when using Bluetooth). The platform architecture was designed to be scalable in order to easily allow customers to expand from one setting to the entire hospital and face no system downtime in case of software updates. The highest level of reliability is assured through full redundancy when either software or hardware failure occurs.
Win@Hospital’s Application Program Interface (API) seamlessly supports the exchange of data with hospital’s Electronic Medical Record and any authorised third party application. The API is HL7 compliant allowing interoperability with the most used and widespread hospitals’ applications.
Technical support is provided on site and remotely making any type of technical assistance, maintenance and system upgrade simple and efficient.