An innovative patient-centred approach based on a digital health platform

Partners: WinMedical S.r.l, Extra Red S.r.l, BeeApp S.r.l, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna.

Investment: € 1.092.225,31

Funding: € 491.501,38

Coordinator: WinMedical S.r.l

Measure: POR CREO FESR 2014-2020, Tender Notice RS 2017, Action 1.1.5., Sub-Action b2, Tender Notice 2 “MSME Research & Development Projects”

Description & Objectives:
Design and development of a digital health platform capable of detecting signs of clinical deterioration in patients in hospitals or at home by continuously monitoring physiological parameters in real time using modular sensors.
The innovation is defined by the interoperability and modularity of the system with effective evidence of the obtained changes in physiological parameters to support clinical decisions and receive alerts. The NEWS (National Early Warning Score) study protocol, currently approved by the Regione Toscana in DGRT 10 (2010), was used to determine clinical condition deterioration. The protocol has been in use in the UK and in the USA for some time.

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